eufyCam 2 Review: No wires, no subscription

Been testing out the eufyCam 2 for around two weeks now for iMore, and have really enjoyed the wireless freedom that they offer. I was pleasantly surprised by their image quality (especially night vision) for running strictly on a battery as well. Getting them into HomeKit was frustrating at first, but I did like seeing that you can add them directly to the Home app without having to use the eufy Security app. Spoiler alert: they are great.

While it certainly isn’t the first all-wireless camera system around, the eufyCam 2 comes with a refreshing way to manage recordings, doing so without the need for a subscription. This, coupled with a low entry cost, makes it one of the most affordable, and feature packed accessories around. I recently had the chance to test out a two camera starter kit from eufy, and I have found to be a fantastic option for those in the camera market, especially for those that value privacy as it works with Apple’s HomeKit.

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