How to Prepare Your Smart Home for Guests

This is the second of a series of guides that I wrote for iMore this month that covers some of the basics for the coming holiday. Sometimes it helps to take a step back from our own smart home worlds to recognize that others may not be as savvy when it comes to automations and accessories, so I wanted to provide some general tips to help accommodate guests that you may have.

Of course, this guide also aims to prevent some of the damages that guests can cause to your smart home routines as well!

Outside of power and internet outages, there is nothing more disrupting to a smart home than having guests that don’t play by the rules. With just a flick of a switch or a pull of a plug, a guest that is unfamiliar with your smart home can make your convenient controls and automations disappear an instant. Here’s how to keep your home smart, and your guests happy and comfortable.

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