How to Protect Your Home When You Travel for the Holidays

Kicking off the upcoming holiday rush, is the first in a series of guides/tips that I recently wrote for iMore, covering how smart home tech can have an impact on things such as travel and guests. While these are written for smart home accessories in general, it never hurts to think about some of the devices that are outside of HomeKit which can help solve some potential problems that may arise when we are outside of the home.

Also coming up are help and how to guides that are aimed at those new to HomeKit, which I hope answers some burning questions about HomeKit in general as well as navigating the Home app.

Traveling is synonymous with the holidays, and unfortunately, so are break-ins and package theft. However, you can fight back, and keep your home protected using smart accessories and alarm systems. There are devices for just about every situation that can occur while you are gone, so here are our tips on how to secure your home for the holidays.

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