The Ambient: Why HomeKit is Still Lagging Behind Alexa and Google Assistant

Hugh Langley over at The Ambient provides an in-depth look at some of the reasons behind HomeKit’s struggles to keep up with the expanding accessory market from Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant over the years:

When Apple HomeKit launched in 2014, the smart home was anyone’s game. The Echo, Alexa’s trojan horse, wouldn’t be announced for another two months, and the Google Assistant not for two years. Home automation was still a bungled mess.

Apple has principled itself on being “best, not first,” but HomeKit was the first of the big three platforms to land. Sure enough, unlike some of Apple’s less punctual products – the Apple Watch, Apple Music – HomeKit has been much slower to take hold.

But when the most basic HomeKit control requires nothing more than an iPhone, 900 million of which are actively in use (you’ll find an Apple smartphone in almost 45% of American pockets) you have to wonder: what’s going on?

Well worth a read as it has some great takes on the matter from the HomeKit community, including some from myself. Overall, I am certainly optimistic about HomeKit’s future, although I don’t see dramatic changes in the pacing of accessory releases and added features coming in the near future.

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