Lutron Caseta Wireless Fan Speed Control Review

Originally announced at CES 2019 in January of this year, the Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Fan Speed Control Switch is now available for purchase at places such as Amazon and The Home Depot. The switch, which garnered a lot of enthusiasm from within the HomeKit community when it was announced, underwent a series of conflicting reports as to whether or not it actually supported HomeKit. Now that the switch is out and available for purchase, it has been confirmed that the speed control does work with HomeKit out of the box, making it an instant purchase for those, such as myself, who are fans (no pun intended) of the Lutron Caseta line. While I have been using a Caseta light switch for fan control, I have been looking for proper ceiling fan support, where the speed of the fan itself could be controlled by the Home App or Siri (my fans have all been set to low speed for years, because laziness…). So does the Caseta Fan Speed Control switch live up to its expectations? Let’s take a look.

The Caseta Fan Speed Control switch shares the same design language as the rest of the Caseta line, which could be seen as good or a bad thing, depending on your taste. The switch itself comes in a variety of traditional colors (white, almond, ivory and black), and has 5 buttons on its face. The usual on and off buttons flank the top and bottom of the switch, in the middle are up and down buttons to adjust the fan speed, and a circular button rests directly in the center to allow for a quick way to summon a favorite fan speed. The switch also features 4 LED indicator lights which serve as a quick way to determine what speed the attached ceiling fan is set to. Lutron’s branding can be found near the bottom of the switch, which is subtle, but is not removable, and fan icons are located on the on and off buttons.

Finally, there is a small pull out tab located below the off button which serves as a quick way to remove power to a fixture, which is typically reserved for changing light bulbs on light switches, but I am unsure of what purpose it could serve in this application other than for safety when cleaning. The back of the switch is set up a little bit differently from other Caseta products, with the switch including pre-attached wires for just the Neutral (which is required), Ground, and Load. The “Hot” wire requires one to wrap their existing wire from within the wall box to the designated terminal on the back of the Caseta switch, which I assume is to help prevent possible incorrect wiring.

After wiring up the Fan Speed Control switch, pairing the device with HomeKit first requires the device to be added to the Lutron Caseta hub through the Caseta App. This is a fairly simple process, which I will not go in to details here as it has been covered in my reviews of other Caseta devices, but involves a series of prompts within the App, and putting the switch into pairing mode by pressing and holding a button for a few seconds. After adding it to the Caseta App, the Fan Speed Control switch will be added to HomeKit, and can be found in the native iOS Home App.

In the Home app, the device is configured in the same manner as fans that are on the market with HomeKit functionality built in, minus a couple of features. The Home App, allows for toggling the power for the fan, on and off, as well as for controlling the speed of your ceiling fan. For speed control, the Home App (or Siri) can adjust the fan in 25% increments. For most ceiling fans, there are low, medium and high settings, but the Lutron Fan Speed Control switch adds in a medium high setting, which is 75%. Surprisingly, the Caseta App does not seem to offer much in the way of additional functionality over the Home App, but that is ok for those like myself who only use it when adding new devices.

Like other Caseta devices, the Fan Speed Control switch responds pretty much instantly, and has been rock solid when it comes to availability within the Home App, with no instances of “No Response” or “Updating” seen as of yet (although it has only been a few days). Unfortunately, the Fan Speed Control switch does not allow for control of any lights that are built into a ceiling fan, and another switch is required if one would like to do so. The only downsides that I can find on this switch is that it does not support changing the ceiling fan direction, which could have been quite handy, and is something that ceiling fans with HomeKit built in can do and from what I can tell, there is no way to set the default speed when the fan turns on, which is 100%. As previously mentioned, the center button on the switch can be programmed to a favorite speed, but this does not relate to the default speed when turned on.

In the end, the Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control switch is exactly what I, and many others, have been waiting for. The switch matches the company’s existing products making it blend right in, and provides more functionality than a simple on and switch. The device is an easy one to recommend to anyone who is invested into the Caseta line, but for those that are not, it may be a tough sell as the Caseta Hub is required which adds to the total purchase price. The Caseta Fan Speed Control currently retails for $59.95 which falls right in line with Lutron’s other offerings making it a must have for those who have endured the long wait for proper ceiling fan control.

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